The Florida Communication Journal

The Florida Communication Journal

We’re Looking To Showcase YOUR Work!

The FLORIDA COMMUNICATION JOURNAL is seeking submissions for future issues. The Journal is a professional, refereed publication. We encourage the submission of previously unpublished articles or research reports that relate to any aspect of the human communication process. We also encourage the submission of student work. We are proud to publish articles that make a contribution to the advancement of human communication and scholarship.

Because of space limitations, each manuscript must be 12 pages or less in length, and we cannot encourage the use of charts and figures.

Authors should submit one hard-copy and a computer disk with an accurate copy of the manuscript saved as a Word document (not Works, nor Word Perfect). Prepare all manuscripts double-spaced, according to the latest edition of MLA or APA guidelines. Prepare a separate cover page with author(s) names, address, e-mail address, affiliation and an abstract of no more than 100 words. Remove all references to the author(s) within the manuscript to facilitate blind review.

Please understand that we are committed to our current structure of reviewers. The Editorial Board of the Florida Communication Journal is one-third college/university professors, one-third community college instructors, and one-third high school teachers. This structure mandates that we only send articles out for review twice a year, in February and in August, to allow our reviewers in teaching-intensive positions the opportunity to participate in the process during their school breaks and/or the times when they have fewer papers to grade. So the deadline for submission is always January 31 and July 31.

Submit manuscripts to:

Wally Schmidt
The Florida Communication Journal
Rollins College
Winter Park, FL 32789